Baikal Services, plumbing, and heating; a professional fixes a heating unit outside.

BAIKAL® Electrical Services

Plumbing and Heating Related Electrical Services

Currently, Baikal Services® offers plumbing and heating related electrical services such as appliance install, dishwasher install, washers and dryers install, garbage disposal install. However, Baikal® is planning to grow and expand into more sophisticated electrical services in the future.

Many homeowners don’t realize that plumbing, heating, and electrical go hand to hand when it comes to the home service industry. With today’s fast-growing technology plumbers are required to enroll into continuing education classes to renew their plumbing licenses, and part of that continuing education process is to attend up to eight hours of electrical training each renewal period. Most appliances are powered by electricity that is why plumbers must have electrical knowledge to keep up with today’s home service demands.

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