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BAIKAL® Rooter Services

Rooter, Drain and Sewer Services in Snohomish and King County

Toilet will not flush, and water is backing up into your shower? You may have a clogged drain or roots in your side sewer line. The mainline/side sewer is the pipe that all wastewater from your home travels through to the city sewer system. Over time though, the roots can grow into your side sewer line and cause a total blockage of water flow, damage your main line and cause significant property damage to your home. The symptoms to look out for to determine if you are experiencing sewer problem are slow drains, toilet gurgles, water coming out from underneath your toilet, water coming out from behind wash machine, kitchen sink not draining, and many other similar issues.

Baikal Services® will carefully diagnose the drain problem throughout your home to determine what steps are needed to solve your problem. We will give you a written estimate as to what needs to be done before any work will be performed.

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