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The Necessity of the Sewer Camera Inspection


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Sewer camera inspection will help you determine the exact location and cause of the leak. By creating comprehensive reports, Baikal Services® will provide you with all the information you need to know to make a wise decision about your sewer system, which may help you to save significantly on your repair costs.

One of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business is the sewer camera. This uniquely designed waterproof device allows for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are located underground, in cement and under your home’s foundation.

Over the years, many industries have thrived on the ability of video cameras to take footage in unfamiliar environments. The latest addition to that list is the plumbing sector. Plumbing is so sensitive to a person’s daily being that any dwelling without well-functioning plumbing can lead to the greatest of resentments. Such instances can be brought about by blocked pipes whose genesis can be linked to a variety of causes. One of them is the accumulation of sediments and dirt particles. The environmental discomfort that comes along with such a scenario touches a plethora of areas such as the groundwater contamination, the existence of a foul smell, and the possibility of the enhanced spread of infections.

Blocked drain pipes are the situation that causes a variety of significant problems for the homeowner. To avoid guessing, a plumbing technician uses a video camera to troubleshoot such issues. It is through video camera ability to take clear pictures or video footages of the interior lining of a sewer system a technician can see what is happening on the inside. The technicians are not able to have a clear view of the pipes or sewer systems by relying on their sight or instincts. Therefore, they must use specialized video cameras made for the plumbing industry. Sewer camera inspection helps a plumber in detecting the underlying issues affecting the normal functioning of the sewer system. In one way or another, this makes the plumber’s work more accessible and accurate.

When do you need a sewer inspection?

The best way to avoid messiest sewer problems and costly plumbing disasters if by hiring a sewer inspection specialist. There are several instances under which one should seek for sewer inspection services from professional plumbing technicians. At the first chance of purchasing a house, one of the basic utilities is the availability of adequately functioning sewer and water systems. This includes an excellent layout of pipes beneath the ground, under any form of cement or playground. While the general outlook of a house may show a good-looking sewer system, this is not always the case.

One might be disguised by the sugar-coating in such instances. It is therefore imperative to perform a proper sewer inspection of the sewer system. Through such a move, one can detect any malfunctioning present.  It, thus, becomes a necessity to always perform a sewer camera inspection before purchasing a new home or any property. You wouldn’t want to take after your harbinger’s problems. Would you? Another reason that calls for the need of sewer inspection is when one is preparing for an improvement project on an existing home or property. Moreover, an investigation is necessary when you are a frequent victim of sewer backups and slow drains.

Using  Sewer Video Camera

The design of the sewer video camera is one that enables them to be flexible and thus have the inherent ability to get inside the sewer. There is no significant difference between the sewer inspection camera and that of a phone. A deviation between the two only comes in the form of the flexible metal cable that is attached to the camera lenses.

This metallic cable will prove to be the device’s most significant component. It is constracted out of flexible cable, small motors, power circuit supply, and powerful lights. The light is for the illumination purposes as it helps to see the inside of a sewer line where it is dark. The flexible cable also has a connection of wires that run all the way to a circuit display.

As soon as the cable gets in the sewer, the plumber controls the camera remotely with the help of the motors. The cable unspools from a coil as it thrusts the video camera further the sewer line.  The lights illuminate the interior surfaces of the sewer system. At the same time, the sewer video camera can take the real picture of the sewer line, and the technician can view it on display. Any potential issues are thus visible, and corrections can then be made depending on the situation.

Things to look for during the sewer line inspection

What are the issues to watch out for during the sewer line inspection?
The issues that must be addressed and confirmed if present is an intrusion of roots from nearby plants. Trees could cause blockages, cracks in the pipes, pipe separations, collapsed pipes, blocked pipes, malfunctioning joints between the pipes, and the presence of spots in the sewer line.

The advantages of the sewer line video camera

The use of the sewer line video camera will save one a lot of time, energy, and costs. Without this device, any problem with a sewer system would require the plumber or technician to dig out manually. Digging out could be very cumbersome indeed. The process of digging out is time-consuming and physically demanding work. Where the possible causes are unknown, one is bound to incur extra costs, and it could lead to many destructions.

With the use of sewer line video camera, most of these issues are easily avoidable. The sewer line video camera helps technicians to locate the exact source of the problem, solve it with fewer efforts, and observe the general maintenance of sewer systems. There have been cases where the sewer lines harbor valuables due to accidental incidents. With the help of the sewer line video camera, one can locate such valuables and remove them. The valuables can be a form of jewelry, coins, or even live animals.

In conclusion, it is essential that people get used to employing noteworthy equipment like the sewer video camera. It can save time, energy, and money. It, therefore, becomes one primary device that should be acquired or the services of technicians with such expertise and machinery to be hired.

It will be of great help if one can have a mastery of using the sewer video camera to make sure a healthy sewer system. However, it is recommended to hire a licensed plumber for such a task.  Baikals Services® can provide this service professionally – 100% satisfaction guaranteed, call us at (206) 799-3035 or fill out online schedule service form and we will be there in no time.

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