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Plumbing Pipes – Which PIPE Is Better?

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Are you thinking about repiping the house?

Baikal Services® provides professional plumbing repiping in Everett and surrounding areas – Snohomish and King County, WA State. Are you thinking about repiping the house and not sure which plumbing pipes to use for your projects? Then read on to learn more about the difference between plumbing pipes (CPVC vs. PVC vs. PEX) and their application. Pipe replacement or repiping the house can be costly, so make sure you hire a licensed professional to ensure the quality of your project.

CPVC vs. PVC vs. PEX vs. Copper

In our modern days and age, there are many creative piping methods plumbers can use for your plumbing project, but how would you know which piping method is right for you? Understanding the difference between CPVC vs. PVC vs. PEX is crucial as well as choosing the correct plumbing piping because you want to make sure that you are investing in high-quality material that will last you a long time. Make sure you hire a licensed plumber that will help you understand the differences in materials and their application. What is right for one job might not be the best choice for another.

Copper pipes are metal and certainly more durable material to use in commercial and residential plumbing.  Pipes like CPVC, PVC, or PEX are plastic and tend to have a shorter lifespan. However, there are other benefits of using plastic pipes, so let’s take a look at the differences in a little more detail.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride CPVC

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride CPVC pipes and PVC pipes are very close cousins in their material composition.  With added Chlorine to its substance, the CPVC pipes have all the benefits of PVC pipes plus extra durability and the ability to withstand hot water temperatures. CPVC pipes are also safer than PVC pipes to use for drinking water.  Additionally, plastic pipes are quieter and insulated to preserve thermal loss. They are much more flexible than metal pipes and are very useful for those difficult applications where plasticity is much needed.

Polyvinyl Chloride PVC

Today, the most popular choice for residential plumbing drain pipes and sewer is Polyvinyl Chloride PVC. PVC pipes are affordable, durable, long-lasting (life expectancy as a 4.1 on a scale of 1-5), lightweight, and versatile, they come in a variety of different sizes, widths, and lengths. A wide range of fittings are available, and no metalwork is needed. PVC plastic pipes will not rust or corrode, and their limited durability makes them ideal for high-pressure needs.  However, PVC pipes don’t hold up to extended exposure to UV light or hot water, which means that these pipes must be used indoors or underground. They are also not the best choice to deliver drinking water, but ideal for transporting waste.

Cross-Linked Polyethylene PEX

One of the most popular choices for home plumbing and drinking water piping is Cross-Linked Polyethylene PEX, an intuitive system of tubing and fittings that is flexible enough to move around obstacles in walls and floors while also being tough enough to withstand corrosion and hot water.  PEX pipes are very durable, flexible, rarely leak, ofter quieter, environmentally friendly, can tolerate extreme temperatures, and are easy to install. Since PEX material is made of plastic, these pipes are much more affordable than metal pipes.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes have been the regular plumbing choice for more than 70 years.  Despite their high pricing, metal pipes are tremendously durable, long-lasting, and can tolerate extreme temperatures. Also, copper pipes won’t corrode so your water can stay free of contaminants and be safe for drinking. Copper is more rigid and can be more challenging to work with for those problematic applications and areas that are hard to reach. Metal pipes are more expensive than plastic piping materials and can lead to costly installations.

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