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Baikal Services® provides quality bathroom plumbing in Snohomish and King Counties, WA State. Rarely do we mention personal hygiene without including the bathroom. We all know that the essentials of the bathroom are the bathtub, the shower, the washbasin, and the toilet. Therefore, the proper maintenance of these necessities boosts your showering and bathing experiences. Repairs in the bathroom have never been simpler – only a call away. Thanks to Baikal Services®’ experienced technicians, there are no more worries. Our local homeowners count on Baikal Services® for all aspects of the bathroom and other plumbing issues.

The plumbing services for bathroom repairs and maintenance at Baikal® are error-free, excellent, and on point. We are offering a wide range of repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement services that suit your preferences. A credible, reliable, and experienced team of professional technicians is always at your service. Together with the latest technology, all your bathroom plumbing problems are entirely solvable.

The Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

There are those bathroom plumbing problems that you are most likely going to experience as a homeowner. Here are the common bathroom plumbing problems most people encounter:

– Leaky showerheads – Clogged drains – Clogged toilets – Faucet leaks – Slow drains – Reduced water pressure – Sewer smells – Water temperature challenges – Equipment breakages.

The design of the bathroom presents many of these challenges. Therefore, the approach to these problems matters. Baikal Services® will advise on the most suitable repair methods. Additionally, while doing this, we have affordability and unnecessary costs in mind. In other words, don’t just get rid of bathroom equipment or make unnecessary replacements. Allow Baikal Services® to identify the most appropriate ways of tackling bathroom plumbing problems.

Bathroom Repairs

Let us agree that one of the essential rooms in your house is your bathroom. All homeowners, at some point, have to deal with bathroom repairs. When things don’t function properly in the bathroom, simple tasks like cleaning and bathing become very hectic and uncomfortable. In addition, possible water damage to the rest of the house is also very possible. Therefore, your bathroom must have ideal features. After all, it’s what you deserve.

For starters, there should be no common problems like leakages, blockages, low water pressure, and unstable water temperatures. Also, the materials for the ceiling, wall, and floor should not absorb water. If they do, you must resolve water damage in your house before it becomes too costly.

Thanks to the latest technology and professional expertise water damage and water cleanup can be addressed very quickly bringing your home to its original state. Bathroom repairs should resolve any sewer smells, enhance the showering and bathing experience, and prevent the frequent need for repairs. Baikal Services® offers a wide range of bathroom repairs: toilet repairs and installation, faucet repairs, shower head repairs, drain repairs, and more.

Shower Leaks Repair, Installation, and Replacement

Common shower leaks repair may include fixing a leaking shower, bursting pipes, leaking shower valve, reduced water flow, bursts of hot water, or clogged drain. Vital equipment for the shower repair is the showerhead, handles, shower trays, shower screens, and valves. Adequately installed showers enhance your family’s showering experience.  Properly working showers energize your mornings and calm your evenings.

Often, problems associated with the shower functioning can cause several issues. Signs that reveal a shower that needs repair are a damp smell, leaky showerhead, and slow water drainage. Baikal Services® has a team of plumbing technicians that can take care of any problem with the shower leaks repair, installation, and replacement.

Assessment of Bathroom and Shower Problems

It can be very inconvenient when dealing with ongoing shower problems. Therefore, affordable, reliable, and effective shower repair is what you need. By using inexperienced professionals will put you at risk of dealing with even more issues than you initially had. Baikal Services® understands the necessity of doing a proper assessment and doing things right the first time saves you on unnecessary costs.

Sometimes people rip up tiles to fix shower problems or bathroom problems, which in some cases is superfluous if a proper evaluation is done. Even though the rationale behind the selected way of repairing can be well explained. In many instances, a professional can use other methods to handle similar plumbing problems.

When using Baikal Services® for your shower problems, you will also understand the cause of the problem in the shower. We refuse to be part of the old way of “one repair fixes all problems.” We perform an inspection that identifies the core problems making sure they do not occur again. These problems must be solved with the most suitable options for your unique situation. Moreover, the bathroom and shower repair services must also comply with the acceptable WA State standards.

Baikal Services® provide the following shower maintenance services:

The Management of Sealants

Poor application of sealants causes most of the leakages for showers like shower trays and shower screens. Most of them are silicone sealants. During the installation of equipment in the bathroom, we seal all plumbing fittings in the right way. Part of our repair services includes the removal of existing sealants from walls, shower screens, and the shower base. The company has high-quality silicone sealant and application tools. Baikal Services® applies sealants the right way; the excess wiped, the area adequately smoothened, and left to dry. We can re-seal shower screens, shower trays, and manage leakages linked to poor sealant application.

Shower Leaks

Besides the use of silicone sealants, there are other ways to rectify shower leaks or leakages in the bathroom. Make sure you hire a licensed professional who is also a certified plumber. It is a must for proper installation and repair services if you wish to avoid loose ends and other plumbing problems that might arise from a lack of expertise. There is no need to deal with random burst pipes and water damage. In summary, burst pipes and loose ends are some of the common causes of leakages. There are those leakages that are readily observable and traceable. Others like those found behind walls, floorboards, or tiles are hard to locate.

How do you rectify a leakage? The first is locating the exact place of the leakage. It could be along the pipe, at bends, or joints. Often, it requires opening up a wall or a ceiling to find a leak. Next is the identification of the cause. After locating a leak, a certified plumber finds the most suitable method of fixing the leakage. Baikal Services® has what it takes to identify and repair leakages in all areas of the bathroom.

Other Bathroom Services

Common issues include chips, stains, scratches, holes, and cracks. These problems are most likely to affect the following bathroom items:

– Bathtubs – Basins – Shower Bases – Toilet bowls – Tiles

Clogged Sink

The diagnosis of clogged sink, washbasins, taps, and showers is essential in solving obstructions. The latest technology and equipment like video cameras can detect blockages. Video cameras are mostly applicable in inaccessible areas like drain lines. Properly troubleshooting the problem area like your clogged sinks and showers allows the specialists to clear any obstructions in the bathroom.

Baikal Services® offers feasible and less costly repairing options for all of the bathroom problems. We fulfill your entire bathroom and shower plumbing needs. For example, it may include new installations, replacements, repairs, and general maintenance.

Why choose Baikal® for your Bathroom and Shower Plumbing needs?

Fast and timely repairs: From clogged drains all the way to breakages, Baikal® comes in handy. The installations, repairs, and maintenance services are available at all times.

Suitability: The assessment done is error-free. Baikal® gives an accurate identification of the problem, the cause of the problem, and the most suitable method of repair. Proper troubleshooting eliminates extra costs, unnecessary replacements, and unnecessary destruction of bathroom and shower equipment.

For all your shower problems, clogged sinks, shower leaks, bathroom problems, bath installation, faucet leaks, clogged drains, shower repairs, and bathroom plumbing, Baikal Services is here to help.

Trust Baikal® plumbers to take care of all of your residential bathroom plumbing services simply call (206) 799-3035 or fill out our online schedule service form.

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