Sump Pump Repair

How Do I Know if I Need A Sump Pump?

Sump pump repair, sump pump maintenance, sump pump replacement, sump pump back-up, Baikal Services, PlumbingWhat is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is commonly installed in the basement or crawl space in the lowest lying area of properties that are susceptible to floods. Some geographical areas have particular weather conditions more often than others in which sump pumps come in very handy, especially where people experience heavy rain seasons and floods. Almost all sump pumps are submersible pumps that are placed at the bottom of a sump pit or inside an open well that helps owners channel unwanted water away. Sump pumps are installed in a unique way, and many have a backup battery to ensure that it will work in case the power goes out during a storm.

During its installation, the sump pump is placed in a particular pit called a sump pit. It is always good to seek the services of certified plumbing technicians who have what it takes to install susceptible pumps like the sump pump correctly. Baikal Services® offers excellent services that include the installation, repair, and maintenance of sump pumps. The sump pits are unique in their design. First, they ought to be of an acceptable and suitable size that is not too large. Most technicians estimate this size to be in the range of half a meter deep and wide.

In essence, these sump pits serve as the access points of the sump pump to the water. The water drains into the sump pits from other areas through the available drainage systems. Sometimes, the water can naturally flow into the sump pits through the soil. From this point, the sump pump takes over. It pumps water from the sump pit to other areas.

Which Types Of Homes Require Sump Pumps?

Not all homes require sump pumps, but owners whose homes are susceptible to floods need these sump pumps. Most of the homes that require sump pumps will be those that are located in low-lying areas. It is also factual for residences found in areas under the water table level. The homes that are vulnerable to fast-melting snow also experience floods. They, therefore, need sump pumps as well.
A lot of focus about sump pumps has been on floods. Coincidentally, there are other purposes that the sump pump can serve. Those homes that have dampness in the ground due to water also need sump pumps. This way, such areas have very low probabilities of conditions that promote the growth of molds and mildews. Summarily, your home needs a sump pump if it’s prone to flooding or it is usually moist hence subject to a lot of molds.

Sump Pump Installation and Maintenance

You just realized that your home, for sure, requires a sump pump installation but do not know the way forward, if this is the case call Baikal Services® for your sump pump installation and maintenance right away. We guaranty your satisfaction on this project. It’s never been this easy with the help of our qualified certified plumbing technicians. They come along with the experience that justifies the high rank of the company. The installation of the sump pump is one that involves three processes. First, the routing of the outlet pipe has to be properly done. Second, the technician has to deal with the lining of the piping. Third, another crucial process is the digging of the sump pit in the right location of your house.

After the installation, you need to make sure to maintain the sump pump system properly. Maintenance involves issues such as monitoring the condition of the pump, checking the electrical connection between the sump pump and the ground fault circuit interrupter, and the general cleanliness of the sump pump. Cleanliness may involve the removal of debris or rubble that most of the times settle at the bottom of the pump. Make sure to check the vent hole of the sump pump during the maintenance. Sump pumps are devices that require regular checkups. Regular maintenance will ensure that there is an adequate protection plan that will keep the system functioning normally at all times.

The Types Of Sump Pumps

There is a big variety of different types of sump pumps available on the market, however, most of them are designed in two ways. These are the submersible and the pedestal types of sump pumps. The main difference is the place at which the pumps are placed with regards to the sump pits. While the submersible (as the name suggests) are placed inside the sump pit, the pedestal is always outside. The submersible one comes encased in waterproof material and their outlets are situated at the top while the actual pump sits below in the system. The pedestal pump functions differently. It pumps water away from the pit through the inlet pipe. It is of great importance to note that the pedestal type is more affordable than the submersible type of sump pump.

You may be wondering how the sump pump operates immediately after the sump pits get full of water. You do not need to keep coming back to put on your sump pump. Activation of the pump is done by either a pressure sensor or a float activator. All these two only get to function when the sump pit is filled with water. This is only true for automatic sump pumps. There exist others that are entirely manual in their mode of operation. The manual one lack inbuilt sensors. The choice is yours.

Our Sump Pump Services

Generally, homes that use sump pumps will need services such as the installation of the pump, emergency sump pump repairs, sump pump inspection and maintenance, the installation of backup sump pumps and sump pump upgrades. All these are services that we offer in the best way possible. Additionally, our services are on-point, on time, and very affordable. Trust Baikal Services® Certified Plumbers and call (206) 799-3035 or fill out our online schedule service form.

The loss and damage that comes with the lack of sump pumps or damaged sump pumps or lack of maintenance of sump pumps are just immense. The costs may include issues such as flooding in the basement, water loss; break down of the sump pump, and potentially lots of dollars in water damage. You have the chance to forego these issues if you seek the services of a company that understands the proper installation, repair, maintenance, and possible replacement of sump pumps. While you might be able to resolve to do-it-yourself plans when it comes to sump pumps we strongly recommend you to seek the services of professionals.

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